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Deeply influenced by the spiritual structure of medieval art and the vibrancy of the Italian quattrocento, as well as 19th and 20th century landscape painters, Tom Tomc synthesizes traditional and modern techniques and philosophy in his work, focusing his attention on the Chicago urban landscape he calls home.

In addition to making art, Tom also restores art. The Art of Restoration, Ltd. specializes in the preservation, protection, and enhancment of works of art on paper for museums, private collections, dealers and individual collectors. We invite you to visit the site by using this LINK, or click on the image below:

NEW!   The Art of Restoration, Ltd. is now located at:

1932 South Halsted Street - Suite 500
Chicago IL 60608

Hours by appointment
Newly Added:  You can learn more about Tom Tomc, by reading his Bio, and about the urban art movement in Chicago in the News Section.

If you want to take a quick tour, we suggest you start in the Galleries Section.

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