"Art doesn't have to scream or turn somersaults or destroy itself to be a challenging, enlightening and beautiful element in post modern life," insists Chicago artist Tom Tomc. Deeply influenced by the spiritual structure of medieval art and the vibrancy of the Italian quattrocento, as well as 19th and 20th century landscape painters, Tomc synthesizes traditional and modern techniques and philosophy in his work, turning his attention to the urban landscape he calls home.

"I find the art of the past, the work that forms the basis of what we call the Western tradition, endlessly exciting and creatively stimulating. There's a wisdom to it that is absent from so much post-modern art. I want to bring that wisdom, that structure, into my work. I aim to create a living and evolving dialogue with the past, by bringing the structure and forms of the Renaissance masters up and into this moment, this place, now."

Part of bringing the venerated Western artistic traditions into "this moment, this place, now," means that Tomc paints outside, on site. "I paint what I see, I paint where I live, I paint what's left to me," he says.

A native Chicagoan, Tomc began his formal training at the Academy for the Arts. He completed his undergraduate work at the Kansas City Art Institute where he was a Thomas Hart Benton Scholar and graduated with honors. He did his graduate work at American University in Washington D.C. also on scholarship, taking his MFA in 1993. He's participated in accelerated professional programs at both Oxbow, Michigan, where he assisted in the print making division, and at the famous Chautauqua Institute in New York.

His work has been shown at The Streeterville Gallery, Gallery 645, Temple Sholom, Gallery 1633 and Gallery on the Lake in Chicago and the Jason Lezinsky Gallery in San Francisco. An accomplished muralist and portrait painter, Tomc's elaborate custom commissions can be seen at Café Gordon, Café Bolero, Fumitore and in many private homes.

To see some of Tom's work, visit the galleries.

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